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Top 10 tips for your wedding day/Party/Event entertainment Part 1

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

1. Book a professional band

If you want a truly great event, world class entertainment and music that will keep you dance floor rammed all night book a professional band! A truly great professional band such as i-PARTY really know what they are doing, from the initial inquiry

through to the evening, these guys are professionals at getting you and your guests up dancing and staying there having a great time.

A Professional band will have Full liability Insurance, Pat testing (Venues require this), be very punctual, well dressed and use state of the art top-end gear such as great sounding PA, Instruments and microphones with breath taking lights for both the stage area and your dancefloor. i-PARTY Take great pride in the quality of their sound and look of the stage and dancefloor and are constantly shown appreciation of these from out fantastic happy customers.

WARNING - There are many “Pub” bands out there that will play for a very low fee that might sound great down the local pub after a few beers. We hear it time and time again where these acts let customers down last minute or don’t show up all(!) Or just are un-professional with band sound, image, gear and punctuality! Our advice is to book a professional act such as i-Party, discus your needs with us, let us take the stress out of the entertainment for your perfect evening…. once the contract is signed you can have 100% confidence you are going to have an amazing evening with a top professional band driving your night, it’s your big day book the best and get ready for your feet to hurt and voices to be lost.

PART 2 Coming soon!


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